Published papers from ACE

Project: Measuring phytoplankton abundance and composition (PI: David Antoine):

Moutier, W., Thomalla, S. J., Bernard, S., Wind, G., Ryan-keogh, T. J. and Smith, M. E. (2019). Evaluation of Chlorophyll-a and POC MODIS Aqua Products in the Southern Ocean, Remote Sensing, 11(1793), pp. 1–18.

Project: Studying Biodiversity in the Antarctic (PI: Steven L Chown):

Baird, H. P., Janion‐Scheepers, C., Stevens, M. I., Leihy, R. I., Chown, S. L., (2019). The ecological biogeography of indigenous and introduced Antarctic springtails, Journal of Biogeography, 00:1-15.

Leihy, R. I., Duffy, G. A., & Chown, S. L. (2018). Species richness and turnover among indigenous and introduced plants and insects of the Southern Ocean Islands. Ecosphere, 9(7).

Leihy, R. I., Duffy, G. A., Nortje, E., & Chown, S. L. (2018). High resolution temperature data for ecological research and management on the Southern Ocean Islands. Scientific Data, 5, 180177.

Project: Evaluating carbon storage capacity in seabed organism (PI: David K Barnes):

Barnes, D. K. A., Fleming, A., Sands, C. J., Quartino, M. L., & Deregibus, D. (2018). Icebergs , sea ice , blue carbon and Antarctic climate feedbacks Subject Areas : Author for correspondence. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 376 (2122).

Project: Reading Antarctic’s past in ice cores (PI: Elizabeth Thomas):

King, A. C. F., Thomas, E. R., Pedro, J. B., Markle, B., Potocki, M., Jackson, S. L., et al (2019). Organic compounds in a sub‐Antarctic ice core: A potential suite of sea ice markers. Geophysical Research Letters, 46.

Project: Antarctica to reveal pre-industrial atmosphere (PI: Julia Schmale):

Schmale, J., A. Baccarini, I. Thurnherr, S. Henning, A. Efraim, L. Regayre, C. Bolas, M. Hartmann, A. Welti, K. Lehtipalo, F. Aemisegger, C. Tatzelt, S. Landwehr, R.L. Modini, F. Tummon, J. Johnson, N. Harris, M. Schnaiter, A. Toffoli, M. Derkani, N. Bukowiecki, F. Stratmann, J. Dommen, U. Baltensperger, H. Wernli, D. Rosenfeld, M. Gysel-Beer, and K. Carslaw, 0: Overview of the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition: Study of Preindustrial-like Aerosols and Their Climate Effects (ACE-SPACE). Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Early Online Release (2 July 2019).

Landwehr, S., J. Schmale, and D. W. H. Walton (2019), Connecting the Southern Ocean with clouds, Eos, 100.

Project: Testing the diversity of marine refugia on sub-Antarctic islands (PI: Nerida Wilson):

Strugnell, J. M., Pedro, J. B., & Wilson, N. G. (2018). Dating Antarctic ice sheet collapse: Proposing a molecular genetic approach. Quaternary Science Reviews, 179, 153–157.

Project: Understanding the plankton’s strategy to survive (PI: Michael Ellwood):

Hasenfratz, A. P., Jaccard, S. L., Martínez-García, A., Sigman, D. M., Hodell, D. A., Vance, D., Bernasconi, S. M., Kleiven, H. F., Haumann, A. F., Haug, G. H. (2019). The residence time of Southern Ocean surface waters and the 100,000-year ice age cycle. Science, 363, 1080–1084.

Janssen, D. J., Hassler, C., Ellwood, M. J. and Jaccard, S. L. (2019). Chromium biogeochemistry and stable isotope distribution in the Southern Ocean. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. Vol. 262, pp. 188–206. doi: 10.1016/j.gca.2019.07.033.

Menviel, L. (2019). The southern amplifier. Science, 363(6431), 1040–1041.

Project: Observing interactions between winds, waves, currents and ice (PI: Alessandro Toffoli):

Alberello, A., Onorato, M., Bennetts, L., Vichi, M., Eayrs, C., MacHutchon, K., and Toffoli, A.: Brief communication: Pancake ice floe size distribution during the winter expansion of the Antarctic marginal ice zone, The Cryosphere, 13, 41-48, 2019.

Dolatshah, Azam & Nelli, Filippo & Bennetts, Luke & Meylan, Michael & Alberello, Alberto & Monty, Jason & Toffoli, Alessandro. (2018). Hydroelastic interactions between water waves and floating freshwater ice. Physics of Fluids 30, 091702.

Vichi, M., Eayrs, C., Alberello, A., Bekker, A., Bennetts, L., Holland, D., de Jong, E., Joubert, W., MacHutchon, K., Messori, G., Mojica, JF., Onorato, M., Saunders, C., Skatulla, S., & Toffoli, A. (2019). Effects of an Explosive Polar Cyclone Crossing the Antarctic Marginal Ice Zone. Geophysical Research Letters, 46 (11):5948-5958.

Project: The impact of microplastic pollution on the food web(PI: Peter Ryan):

Fraser, C.I., Morrison, A.K., van Sebille, E., Macaya, E.C., Hogg, A.M., Ryan, P.G., Padovan, A., Jack, C., Valdivia, N., Waters, J.M. 2018. Antarctica’s ecological isolation will be broken by storm-driven dispersal and warmingNature Climate Change 8: 704-708.

Waller, C.L., Griffiths, H.J., Waluda, C.M., Thorpe S.E., Loaiza, I., Moreno, B., Pacherres, C.O., Ryan P.G., Suaria, G., Isobe, A., Hughes, K.A. (2018). Microplastics in the Southern Ocean. Antarctic Environments Portal.

Project: Monitoring of threatened albatrosses and penguins (PI: Henri Weimerskirch):

Weimerskirch, H., Le Bouard, F., Ryan, P.G. and Bost, C.-A. (2018). Massive decline of one of the world’s largest penguin colonies: the king penguin colony at Ile aux Cochons, Crozet. Antarctic Science.

Weimerskirch H., Delord K., Barbraud C., Le Bouard F., Ryan P.G., Fretwell P. & Marteau C. (2018). Status and trends of albatrosses in the French Southern Territories, western Indian Ocean. Polar Biology.

Ryan, P. G., Le Bouard, F., & Lee, J. (2017). Westward range extension of Short-tailed Shearwaters Ardenna tenuirostris in the Southern Ocean. Polar Biology, 40 (11), 2323-2327.

*latest update on 19 September 2019