Published data


All data published from ACE can be found here. More data will be available over the coming months.

Other datasets have already been published elsewhere:

Dataset name Link / DOI
Acoustic recordings of whales from Sonobuoys doi:10.4225/15/59d5a05f6050f
Reconstructed non-linear surface from WAMOS (marine radar) doi:10.26179/5b8378b160b02
Unidirectional wave spectra from WaMoS (marine radar) doi:10.4225/15/5a17923429cb7
Aerosol optical density
SOCCOM / Bio-ARGO float, platform codes: 5905069, 5905070, 5905072, 5905073
Benthic and intertidal organism specimens
Seabird and marine mammal observations
Antarctic springtail occurrence records 10.26180/5cd37a14de28b

Data publications

⁠Leihy, R. I., Duffy, G. A., Nortje, E., & Chown, S. L. (2018). High resolution temperature data for ecological research and management on the Southern Ocean Islands. Scientific Data, 5, 180177.

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